What Does a Law Firm Marketing Expert Do?

A law firm marketing expert is someone who helps clients find the right lawyers for their specific needs. They also help clients get more from their existing lawyers by leveraging existing relationships and bringing new ones to the table. They may come up with new marketing initiatives, such as rethinking the firm’s target market strategy or finding creative ways to approach current clients.

Why digital marketing for lawyers?

A lawyer who is a good law legal marketing consultants expert must be able to create a clear vision of what the firm needs to accomplish, including what types of clients it wants to bring in and which ones it doesn’t. They should be able to make the process as smooth as possible for the client and provide the client with a memorable experience.

Law firm marketing experts use different strategies to reach out to potential clients, but most of them involve content. They may write articles, blog posts, podcasts and infographics to share on social media. They may also stage live events to attract more people and promote their services. A well-designed law firm website is also an important tool to help potential clients find what they need.

Regardless of how a firm chooses to market itself, it’s important to track its results so that it knows what works and what doesn’t. One simple way to do this is by asking current clients how they heard about the firm. This can be supplemented with more sophisticated digital tracking, such as Google Analytics, which is free and easy to set up.

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