What Are Temporary Stage Platforms?

temporary stage platforms

A temporary stage platform is a great way to accommodate performances and events that require a raised area for performers and speakers. These modular platforms are lightweight, making them easy to handle and transport. They also offer better stability and safety than traditional staging methods. These stage risers can be used in a variety of settings, including schools, churches, and event venues. Source https://modularflatstaging.co.uk/

The terms “stage” and “fly gallery” are often confused, but the distinction is important. A stage is a space within a room that is used for entertainment or presentations, while a fly gallery is a raised area above the stage where hanging curtains, drops, scenery and other stage effects are located.

Transforming Venues: How Temporary Staging Platforms Revolutionize Spaces

In order to comply with fire codes, stages must be separated from the audience seating area by a proscenium wall with a minimum 2-hour fire-resistance rating extending the entire length of the building. In addition, the stage floor must be constructed of materials acceptable for floors in the building in which it is located and shall be equipped with an automatic fire-extinguishing system.

Many facilities find it more efficient to purchase temporary stage platforms rather than permanent structures. This allows them to design the stage in ways that meet the needs of a specific type of event or activity and reduces the time needed for set up and break down. Portable platforms are also ideal for moving between practice rooms and performance areas. This enables performers to familiarize themselves with the performance space before they go on stage.

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