The Cinnamon Ritual

Cinnamon is more than a yummy spice for baking or a natural remedy to repel gnats in your garden; it’s also been used for millennia as a way to attract abundance. This powerful ingredient is believed to boost your energy and imbue spaces with positive vibrations, bringing in more opportunities for love, wealth, health, and success. It’s often sprinkled as a powder, incorporated into candles, or brewed into tea. This is why it’s no wonder a new TikTok trend is taking over that involves blowing cinnamon into your home on the first of each month to bring in prosperity.

The cinnamon ritual is similar to how white sage or Palo Santo is often used to purify spaces and invite in positivity; it’s all about setting the intention with a clear focus. Rose suggests speaking your intention out loud, stating what you want to manifest in order to amplify your desires and help the universe know exactly what you need.

Spice Up Your Spiritual Practice: Crafting Meaningful Cinnamon Rituals

To get started, choose an image that represents your desire — it could be anything from a job promotion, to a new car, house, or a trip abroad. Next, place the cinnamon in front of the image and hold it up to your eye (between your eyebrows) while thinking about your desire.

Finally, place a green candle on top of the cinnamon and light it up, says Rose. Once the candle burns down, allow the cinnamon to stay where it is for a day or so unless you have pets and need to clean up afterward.

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