The Benefits of Using a Foot Roller

Foot roller are great for boosting blood flow to the feet, ankles, knees and hips, which in turn will also improve your posture. A lack of blood circulation can lead to stiff and sore muscles throughout the body. It is recommended to roll your feet at least five to ten times a day, depending on the state of your feet. It is recommended to do this before starting your day and after your workouts as well.

Using a foot massager roller will help to relieve plantar fasciitis pain, heel spurs and other ailments affecting the feet such as arthritis. The foot roller is also effective when used on the lower back, legs, hamstrings and other parts of your body.

Roll Away Discomfort: The Benefits of Using a Foot Roller for Relaxation

To make your life easier, we offer several different types of foot rollers to choose from. For example, our Travel Revive foot roller is small and compact, which makes it easy to take with you on holiday or to the office. It is also made of a soft, supple material that won’t scratch your floors and can be easily cleaned with disinfectant spray.

Another option is our Premium foot roller, which has a unique ridged design that aims at different parts of the foot’s anatomy such as the arch, ball and heel to stimulate and massage trigger points. This roller can also be chilled for cold therapy to help with inflammation and sprains. Using the foot massager regularly will increase plantar fascia flexibility, which will reduce your chances of tearing the ligament, and it will also help to strengthen your feet so they can withstand daily wear and tear.

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