How to Get Your LLQP License Ontario

llqp license ontario

In order to sell life and accident and sickness insurance in Canada, you must be licensed through a provincial regulator. Upon completion of your provincial certification exam, you will receive a licence (often referred to as a certificate) that allows you to sell life and accident and sickness insurance. The first step is to sign up with a regulator-approved education provider. Once you’ve completed their training program including passing module certification exams, you can then book provincial exam sessions through your regulator.

It usually llqp license ontario a minimum of 100 hours of study to complete a four module LLQP course. However, we find that many students can finish the courses much sooner depending on their familiarity with financial concepts and study habits.

Mastering the LLQP Exam: Tips and Strategies for Ontario License Success

Once you’ve passed the provincial certification exam, your next step is to find an insurance company to sponsor you and complete the rest of your llqp license ontario paperwork. The process can vary, but typically the insurer will act as your “sponsor” and help you to get started on your career path in the insurance industry.

In order to be approved by CISRO for offering LLQP courses in Ontario, companies must have a CISRO-approved LLQP Education Provider, meet the national curriculum requirements and pass a national CISRO examination review. CISRO then issues the LLQP licensing agreement to approve Ontario-based companies to deliver LLQP examination preparation materials and courses. For more information, please visit the CISRO website.

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