Dehydrated Lettuce

Do you find yourself wasting bags of lettuce in your crisper because it ends up wilted before you get to it? Dehydrating lettuce is a quick, easy way to keep your salads fresh for much longer than just storing them in the fridge. Dehydrated lettuce is also a great addition to soups.

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You can make it in your oven, using a food dehydrator, or your dehydrator’s built-in dehydrator. It’s important to use a low temperature so you don’t cook or burn the leaves, and to leave the door open so the air can circulate. It takes 4-8 hours, depending on your climate. Leaves should be dry and crumble easily in your hand when done.

The results showed that the content of phenolic compounds, vitamin C, and carotenoid were significantly higher under 350 mmol * m-2 * s-1 x 3/4NSC treatment (p 0.05). The value of chlorophyll a/b was also significantly increased in the same condition. These results suggest that combining high light intensity with low NSC concentration is more effective in improving the quality of lettuce.

This experiment was designed to test different combinations of nutrient solution and light intensity based on red and blue LEDs for the purpose of optimizing the nutritional quality of lettuce grown in plant factory. The results showed that the optimum combination of nutrient solution concentration and light intensity was 350 mmol * m-2 *s-1 x 3/4NSC. This combination produced the highest values for weight loss, water content, chlorophyll content, and ascorbic acid retention.

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