A Small Panini Press With Removable Plates

For a small panini press with removable plates that can also grill and toast, this model from Waring is a good choice. The floating hinge system can accommodate a variety of sandwich thicknesses, and it’s easy to move the cooking plates to fit whatever you’re making. This panini press can do a lot of different things, including grilling burgers and steaks and making cookies. It’s a little expensive but it could be worth it for someone who wants one versatile appliance that can replace several other countertop machines.

The most basic panini presses are designed to heat up to a specific temperature and only turn on when they’re plugged in. More advanced models offer a range of settings for things like cooking type, amount of pressure, and more. You can also find reversible or interchangeable cooking plates with different surfaces, such as flat or ribbed, which is helpful if you want to cook something that won’t fit on the standard plate.

Delicious Panini Recipes to Try with Your Removable Plate Press

Some panini makers have removable, nonstick cooking plates that are dishwasher-safe and easy to clean. Others have a grease drip tray for catching excess oil and grease so that your food is less greasy when you’re done.

The largest models can accommodate two large sandwiches or a combination of burgers, chicken breasts, and beef medallions on each cooking plate. They also have simple control panels that give you three preset settings (panini, grilled cheese, and seared) and dials for each of the cooking plates to let you adjust their temperature.

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