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bear crossingThe mission of the People’s Way Partnership is to build public awareness and support for wildlife crossing structures and associated mitigation measures along U.S. Highway 93 North on the Flathead Indian Reservation and beyond.

We do this by providing education and research on the conservation, safety, and economic benefits that wildlife fences and crossing structures offer people and wildlife. We believe that a more informed public will lead to increased citizen, institutional, and governmental support for sustainable highway practices throughout the West, the United States, and other parts of the world.

The People’s Way Partnership is a unique partnership between:




Each organization brings unique, invaluable expertise in research, community awareness, and citizen engagement and each partner plays a role in the various activities of this project. The People’s Way Partnership maintains no staff. Instead, staff from some of the organizations provide extensive in-kind efforts, resources, and technical assistance.

These are the key members who perform outreach activities:

Whisper Camel-Means, MS, is a wildlife biologist for the CKST Tribal Wildlife Management Program. She is one of the lead CSKT biologists for US 93 North wildlife crossing project and provides educational field tours of the area.

Marcel Huijser, PhD, is the principal investigator for the Post-Construction Monitoring and Research program and gives scientific and educational lectures on the project. He is a research ecologist with Western Transportation Institute - Montana State University.

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Student Art Contest


The People's Way Partnership conducted the Safe Passages for Wildlife poster contest to teach school-age children about the importance of wildlife crossing structures under and over highways for both human and wildlife safety.
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